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Bedrock Asia | Space Transformation: Revolutionizing Architecture, Interior Space and Spatial Design to elevate Brands In Indonesia and Beyond. Merging Data-driven Insights, Strategy with Unforgettable Experiences.

Who We Are
At Bedrock Asia, we're more than just consultants; we're the architects of your brand's future. Specializing in Brand Strategy and Brand Experience - Interior and Spatial Design, we've honed our expertise working with global giants like Domino Pizza, Wells Fargo, and Caltex, as well as local powerhouses like Bank Mandiri Retail Banking, XL Center, Kalcare, and MOR Convenience Store. We're the bridge between your brand and an unforgettable customer experience, both in physical spaces and digital realms.
Modern Architecture
What We Do
Strategize. Experience. Transform.
In an ever-evolving marketplace, we don't just adapt; we set the trends. Our unique approach integrates brand strategy with experiential design, creating a seamless and impactful customer journey. We're not just enhancing your brand; we're redefining how it interacts with the world.

Transform Your Brand Experience
The Ultimate Solution for Industry Leaders, Innovators, and Visionaries

Fashion and Retail Interior Design that Compelling and Engaging

Elevate your retail space from storefront to changing room. Seamlessly blend eye-catching visual merchandising with curated product galleries and tech-enhanced, personalized changing room experiences.

Fashion and

Retail Gallery


Elevate guest experiences in hotels, resorts, and restaurants with meticulously crafted interiors, optimized layouts, and immersive tech for next-level brand storytelling that exceeds expectations.


co-working workplace

Craft a workspace that reflects your brand and culture through strategic layouts, curated materials, and impactful graphics, all aimed at enhancing employee productivity and engagement.



XL Xplor_edited.jpg

Craft spaces that express your brand promise and engage customers through strategic layouts and curated materials. Focus on enhancing employee productivity and customer closeness, rather than just innovative design.

Technology or Telecommunication


Craft environments that exude trust, stability, and innovation, aligning with your financial brand's core values. Strategic layouts and quality materials enhance both employee performance and customer engagement.




Create interiors and spaces that not only sell your property development concept to buyers but also inspire your team. Our immersive marketing offices serve as both a showcase for your projects and an inspiring workspace for your staff.

Real Estate



Design high-traffic areas that prioritize user experience through intuitive navigation and aesthetic appeal, enhancing both functionality and brand perception in public spaces and airports.

Public Spaces

& Airports

Coca Cola Tour

Create immersive tours and exhibits that embody your brand's essence, offering an educational and engaging experience that showcases your manufacturing prowess and product range.

Branded Exhibition &

Factory Tour


Design captivating booths and spaces that not only attract attention but also engage attendees, effectively conveying your brand message and showcasing your products or services.


Abstract Bridge

Our Expertise

Building brands where business meets experience, seamlessly blending architecture and interior design for immersive, memorable impact.

Site Audit & Customer Research

Comprehensive customer research, site audit, usability testing and experience on-location assessments.

Architecture and Interior Design

Innovative space design that fuses architectural and interior excellence to uplift your brand. Facade design is integrated for a cohesive, impactful brand identity across exteriors.

3D Mixed Reality Visualization & Immersive Experience

Utilizing advanced 3D mixed reality to secure brand approval and engage customers, complemented by a strategic launch to captivate your target audience.

Brand Strategy Consulting

Tailored strategies to elevate your brand's interior spaces, aligning with overall brand positioning for impactful customer experience.

Brand Identity and Experiential System

Creating a standout brand identity designed for elegance and visibility, fully optimized for architectural and interior spaces, complemented by an immersive experiential system.

Design Guideline & Technical Documentation

Comprehensive guidelines and detailed documentation to ensure consistent, brand-aligned interior design across projects, streamlining execution and quality control.

Customer Journey Mapping

Comprehensive mapping of customer touchpoints across physical and digital platforms.

Signage and Wayfinding

Designing intuitive and visually appealing signage and wayfinding systems to enhance navigation, improve customer experience, and reinforce brand identity within spaces.

Project Management & Implementation

Comprehensive end-to-end oversight, guiding projects seamlessly from initial concept through to final implementation for guaranteed success.

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