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Creating Nanobank Syariah 
Bedrock Asia and Sinarmas Financial Services unveil revolutionary Syariah-compliant banking concept, including Strategy, Guideline, Immersive Website, Aira Mobile, Community Experience Center and Aira Virtual Assistant.



In the evolving landscape of Indonesia's Syariah banking industry, the challenge was to create a finance model that resonated with both traditional and digital-focused consumers, adhering to Syariah principles while harnessing modern digital technology.



In a strategic partnership with Sinarmas Financial Services, Bedrock Asia launched Nanobank Syariah alongside Brand Strategy, Brand Communication Guideline, Aira Mobile, Immersive Website and Experience Center. This initiative addresses the needs of the Syariah financial ecosystem in Indonesia, blending traditional values with cutting-edge digital solutions. Our approach sets a new benchmark in Syariah-compliant banking, catering to a diverse consumer base and pioneering a balanced fusion of tradition and innovation.


Bedrock Asia, collaborating with Sinarmas Financial Services, is pioneering Indonesia's first hybrid Syariah banking benchmark. Launching in 2024 under the ethos of a transformative era with "Jadi Lebih Baik." embodies our dedication to fostering positive change and a brighter future for Indonesia.

Nanobank Syariah Logo - White
Aira Nanobank Syariah Digital Avatar
Aira Mobile Banking by Nanobank Syariah



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