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Creating a Hallmark of Indonesia Hospitality.



Indonesia hotel market is concentrated between two extremes — budget hotel chain like Fave Hotel owned by Archipelago Group, providing a small room with extra charges for amenities, and international chains like Accor Group, offering a relax resort atmosphere for people to enjoy. Thousands of other local 2-star establishments find themselves in the middle of these two giants. With the middle-class adopting traveling as a lifestyle, with a focus on cost-efficiency, the budget travel is undergoing a huge transformation in Indonesia. Growing 20 million budget-friendly business travelers, Surya Internusa required a new business model and brand strategy to be focused on this new untapped segment.



As 4 to 5* international hotel chain have grown maturely in Indonesia hospitality industry, We saw an opportunity to cater to the middle-segment business travelers focus in Indonesia's culture and hospitality. Working closely with cultural experts and a committee of hoteliers, our vision was based on Indonesia warmth and authenticity, and our approach from the inception was to emphasis on two: Batik — Indonesia' arts and culture, and A — a-class hospitality. While competitors offer more technology and less services, we focused on balancing the use of technology and human interactions can be a delicate balance, listening to their guests more than ever. There is no better time to be an affordable luxury hotel guest.

The name, logo and its guest experience were centered on a core icon of rare exotic blue orchid, an embodiment of warm and authentic Indonesia  hospitality, gracefully serving guests along their traveling journey.

At the Batiqa Hotel, you will find modernising cultural details of Indonesia – only what smart business travelers really need. The idea: Smart luxury for work and stay. No pretending, only a certain self-confidence. Subtle, but with a slight personal touch and small playful elements. And maybe next time you will stay by a night while visiting Wonderful Indonesia.


With the successful launch of Batiqa Hotel in 2014, we helped Batiqa Hotel Management - BHM, a business unit of Surya Internusa Group become a leader in the mid-scale hotel market by fueling the $4.3 billion revenue in hotel industry.

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