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With growing business units were using traditional marketing media in multiple locations across Indonesia, Megasetiaº needed not just a surface-level transformation, but to develop a simplified and responsive brand identity that can be implemented consistently and impact entire stakeholders in a rapidly changing digital landscape. The primary challenge of the project was how to translate company’s purpose and value, expansion and diversification into a simple brand statement that even regular employees buy-in to the transformation.

So, Megasetiaº came to Bedrock Asia to help transforming its 25 years old business and brand.




During brand discovery stage on management interviews, bedrock asia consultants abled to connect the dot between founder’s aspiration to corporate vision and values. After thorough internal assessment and competitor’s mapping. We crafted easy-to-understand brand blueprint to focus on partnering beyond to deliver better health and well-being solution for Indonesia. Our team then developed the new identity to symbolize the vision of Megasetiaº as one colourful world, with the goal of rebranding the company to create a uplifting corporate image and express a service-driven, modern, inspiring, vibrant, forward-looking brand, that has been transformed in the midst of rising pandemic covid19 and digital disruption in Indonesia.


Since its soft launch a month ago, Megasetiaº managements and stakeholders received overwhelming positive responses both new business inquiries and complements. The transformed Megasetiaº brand brings powerful synergies and attracts partnerships that strengthen the company’s vision and to create an image of trust and a positive reputation.



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