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Italian Cotto Espresso Barista at Adelaide

Cotto Espresso. 
Bedrock Asia's Impact: Transforming Cotto Espresso: Ad
elaide's Hip, Modern Community Hub with Italian Coffee Culture.


Cotto Espresso was built by the italian's founders as a neighborhood coffee shop. Adelaide has its fair share of “Italian” cafes and restaurants – but we all know that simply making an espresso doesn’t make you Italian. Cotto was different, the founder’s passion for quality italian coffee and food needed to get the message across to the coffee lovers and food connoisseurs.


Old Cotto Expresso Logo
Old Cotto Espresso Store, Adelaide, Australia, coffee store


In relaunching Cotto, the strategy was to reposition as an artisanal italian food and coffee brand that would easily differentiated from the competitors. Cotto’s new logo, typeface, and store layout are all designed using simplistic aesthetics in order to allow the italian authenticity to be the center of focus. Using simple, bold and sophisticated design, we created a logo, stationery, descriptor "espresso" and italian brand language into the menu.

As part of the rebranding customer journey, We also developed a brand story, employee uniform, menus, food utensils and the entire architecture and interior design.


The revitalized Cotto brand strategy, identity and interior gave the management a representation of their shared vision and passion. A year after relaunch they outgrew their place into 4 different locations. The new design strategy gave Cotto a leadership position in design that was undoubtedly an italian influence for Adelaidean.

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Cotto Espresso new logo, identity of italian coffee shop, Australian Coffee.
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