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What is Interior Branding? The Strategy that Transforms Spaces into Brand Experiences

Definition of Interior Branding

Interior Branding is not just about eye-pleasing aesthetics; it's a complex and multi-dimensional business strategy. This strategy is designed to influence how customers feel, understand, and interact with your brand. Beyond that, it is the art and science that combines three key elements: appealing aesthetics, functionality that maximizes efficiency and comfort, and a strong and consistent brand identity. In this context, interior branding serves as a medium that communicates the core values, mission, and vision of your brand, while creating a rich and memorable multi-sensory experience for customers.

According to behavioral studies from MIT, space design that takes into account customer psychology can increase customer satisfaction and retention rates by up to 40%. This proves the importance of integrating behavioral science into your interior branding strategy.

"Interior Branding is a tangible articulation that enhances the multi-sensory aspects of your brand identity," said Kwan Harsono, CEO of Bedrock Asia. "This is how we build and strengthen the emotional relationship between the brand and customers, influencing not just what they see but also what they feel, hear, and even smell."

Why is Interior Branding So Critical?

A study from Harvard Business Review shows that well-designed interior spaces can increase productivity and customer satisfaction by up to 20%. Add branding elements, and you could see a business increase of up to 30%.

Case Study: Starbucks - More Than Just Coffee

Starbucks is a perfect example of how the right interior branding can help you expand your business. By adding the exclusive Starbucks Roastery line in Shanghai, China, they successfully attracted a different customer segment without alienating their loyal customers.

interior starbucks roastery at shanghai
Interior Branding Starbucks Roastery di Shanghai

Benefits of Having the Right Interior Branding Strategy

More Than Just Interior Design

The right interior branding strategy is about creating a space that aligns with your brand identity, from store design to customer service.

Applications Across Various Spaces and Industries

Corporate Offices

With the right interior branding, you can create an environment that not only attracts the best talent but also makes them want to stay.

Meeting Rooms

If this space is well-designed and reflects your brand, it will influence how people think and collaborate.

white color open space office with comfortable workspace
Linkedin Office at Omaha. Designed by Gensler.

Retail Spaces and Visual Merchandising

Retail design and visual merchandising are not just about aesthetics; it's about building relationships and trust. Take the example of a banking space. If you're a millennial entering a bank with outdated interiors, you may think, "This is not my bank; this is my grandfather's bank. They don't understand me."

Now, imagine a bank that has updated its interior design. You are greeted by a modern and bright atmosphere, complete with a lounge area and charging stations. The cashier space is designed for transparency and security, utilizing elements like glass and bright lighting to instill a sense of trust. This is not just about drawing you in; it's about making you feel comfortable and connected.

A real-life example of this is Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) in Their Tokyo Branch. Their design blends Japanese and Indonesian aesthetics, creating a comfortable and luxurious space, while maintaining a strong brand identity. This proves how effective interior design can be more than just attracting customers; it can build emotional relationships and trust.

In this scenario, the bank has turned its physical space into an effective brand communication tool, understanding and responding to the needs and desires of the millennial generation. The result is an emotional relationship and trust that are essential for customer retention and business sustainability.

Franchise Retail Spaces

This is about more than just a logo; it's about creating uniqueness and authenticity that influences customers to interact with your products and space as a whole unified brand.

Factory Tour Spaces

Have you ever been amazed when visiting Coca-Cola's headquarters? They have turned their place into a storytelling narrative that lets you even understand and feel the Coca-Cola bottle and its making. Even their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects have been incorporated into the journey.

Six female enjoyed taking picture at soyjoy plant tour.
Berkumjung di Soyjoy credit to Xiao Vee's blog

Conclusion: Investing in Building Brand Experience for Your Future

Interior branding is a worthwhile investment for the future of your business. With the right approach, you can create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and effective in building your brand for the long term.

If you are an entrepreneur or executive considering how interior branding could be a part of your business strategy, Bedrock Asia is the solution. We offer integrated branding and interior design consultation services. Contact Bedrock Asia Brand Consultancy for further consultation.Reach us Bedrock Asia Brand Consultancy.


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