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Realigning with customers



Bank BCA has a long standing reputation as the most reliable transaction banking for over six decades, yet the brand marketing communication was perceived as the banking for matured entrepreneurs. Today with the increasing young established entrepreneurs who takes over family businesses or start their own career path, Bank BCA recognized that refreshing its brand and communication strategy are the paramount to reconnect with their customers. 




After comprehensive brand audit and interviews with stakeholders and customers, Bedrock Asia formulated a strategy to rekindle its original meaning of Bank BCA identity, that is the safeguard its promise " Always by Your Side" to the context in branchless and digital banking of the future for 3rd generation millennial customers who hold the financial powers with financial needs beyond transactions, social status and traditional banking services. 

We transformed strategy into a new responsive visual and verbal expression to safeguard BCA's identity with the new three-dimensional shield that can be implemented across channels. After completing brand guideline and coaching business unit, product managers and creative agencies, we collaboratively launched the roll-out transformation all omni-channel marketing communications: 1000+ branch outlets, 100+ out-of-home media, 5000+ varied content marketing - digital, social, print, in-store, and retail outlets earlier than expected. ​

We fine-tuned BCA's identity and brought the shield to life.




New BCA Shield

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Following the launch, Bank BCA quickly attracted attention in the market thanks to its highly expressive and emotional image. In just 6 months its aided brand awareness has grown to 30% and becoming the No.1 retail banking in Southeast Asia, 60% increased positive customer responses on new image, conversion rates by 75% through digital, prints, out-of-home and activation marketing integration. 





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