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We help our clients

to build brands that last.

Who we are

Who we are 

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Founded as a brand consultancy in Bay Area,
We are Jakarta-based, 22+ years young, tightly-knit insightful, strategic and creative team committed to build enduring brands to improve lives, businesses and the world.

Our vision

Build enduring brands on the bedrock

that improve lives, businesses and the world.

Our vision

Our mission

Bedrock helps leaders and businesses to build enduring brands through strategic transformation. 


be transformed

Our mission


We have a dedicated team of experts to focus on digital, organizational change, brand & experience, innovation, design and marketing.

Kwan Harsono

Brand Expert, Branding Expert, Branding Consultant, Founder & CEO, CEO, President Direktur, Kwan Harsono, Rebrand, Jiffy Lube, Hawaiian Airline, Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Agency Director, CMO, Brand Expert Indonesia, Bedrock Brand Consultant, Branding Agency, Branding Consultant, Brand Strategist, Digital Branding Expert, Personal Branding
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Tjiam Fonny

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Director of Insights & marketing 

Over 18 years in providing insights and intelligence to businesses and brands.

Chief Brand-led Transformation

Over 20 years in brand consultancy, design, innovation and technology, serving clients across North America, Australia, Singapore & Indonesia.

Tjiam Fonny, Insight, Consumer Data, Director, Bedrock Asia, Insight Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Consultant Indonesia, Bedrock Brand Consultant, Branding Agency, Branding Consultant, Consumer Insight Indonesia
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