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Our Story.
Branding Pioneer.
Bedrock Asia: 25-year SF-rooted our mission to build enduring brands, advancing Indonesia and the world.

92 SF-Roots. 
Former Addison, Dissero Unite.

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Kwan Harsono founded Bedrock Asia, uniting Asian heritage and vision to craft enduring brands in Indonesia and globally. Benefiting from insights shared by renowned San Francisco agency co-founders, strategists, and creative directors, Kwan and partners launched Bedrock Media Inc, expanded into Singapore, and established an Indonesian office. Today, PT. Bedrock Brand Consultants in Jakarta, known as Bedrock Asia, is a thriving independent brand consulting firm dedicated to various sectors, transforming industries including BCA, Mandiri, Siminvest, Perhutani, Sirka, Sinarmas, among others. Emphasizing strategic transformation and fostering lasting relationships, Bedrock Asia preserves a unique Indo-Asian identity while shaping Asia's brands on the global stage.

Who we are 

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Founded as a brand consultancy in Bay Area,
We are Jakarta-based, 25+ years young, tightly-knit insightful, strategic and creative team committed to build enduring brands to improve lives, businesses and the world.
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Our vision

Build enduring brands on the solid ground
that improve lives, businesses and the world.

Our vision

Our mission

Bedrock helps leaders and businesses to build enduring brands through strategic transformation. 

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be transformed

Our mission

What makes us different

Purpose-Driven Expertise:
Since 1992, Bedrock, rooted in San Francisco, has thrived as a next-generation brand consultancy in Jakarta, shaping industry-leading brands in Indonesia to the world.

Solid Foundations:
Bedrock Asia propels sustainable growth and long-term success for Asia-focused brands through innovative, tailored strategies.

Unparalleled Experience:
With an impressive 25-year track record, Bedrock Asia has built enduring partnerships with cross-industry Indonesia to global brands.

Innovation and Sustainability:
Specializing in pioneering, lasting brand transformations, we empower brands to navigate today's market and future challenges.

Comprehensive Brand Solutions:
Our holistic approach encompasses brand purpose, strategic branding, positioning, brand architecture, brand identity, market strategy, digitalization and fulfillment of visionary objectives.

Our Core Team

We have a dedicated team of experts to focus on digital, intelligence, organizational change, brand & experience, space, design and marketing.

Our leadership
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