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Our transformation


Creating the transformation capabilities to make an impact. Our transformation approach is strategically built to work with companies of all sizes. We offer four key areas of practice:


The power of purpose that transform the company inside and out, from head to heart. Bedrock asia's company transformation is what you need to get the most out of your employees, customers, and everyone who touches your business. It's not just one-time fixes, but a change in the way you think and behave that will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Our team of consultants will work with you to come up with a plan that's specific for your needs and provide ongoing support.


The power of brand-led transformation that create unique and memorable customer experiences. Brands are evolving. In the same way, your customers evolve and their needs change. They need to be met with a brand that is changing with them. This is what we specialize in - a branded experience that grabs their attention and keeps it, while exceeding their expectations so they'll remember you when they're ready to buy.


The power of integrated commerce transformations across multiple platforms of b2b2c business that accelerate growth online and offline. Commerce transformations is the process of simultaneously managing a company's online and offline commerce channels in order to drive revenue and customer satisfaction. Today's commerce requires a holistic approach to make sure customers are engaged, informed, and feel confident when they decide to buy – which is why we're here to help.


Unlock the power of product and service brand that consumer's loved by designing innovative products and services, and creating meaningful and memorable connection. Bedrock asia is a full-service branding and consultancy company catering to clients in the product and service domain. They are a team of experts in branding, product development, and experiential marketing. With rich experience in their domain of expertise, they have mastered the art of converting ideas into real life products and services, and transforming them into successful brands.

Our strategic


Great idea is not good enough without great execution.

Our company’s strategic expertises are what bridges the gap between great in idea and great in reality. It’s time to understand and build the capabilities to transform your company’s strategy make an impact in company, brand, commerce and product. 
We’re people oriented, insightful, strategic, creativity, data and technology driven to help you to solving complex challenges. With smart diagnostic tools and experienced global local resources, we can deploy ideas to reality to build enduring brands, and unlock the growth opportunities.

Data, Digital and Technology

Bedrock Digitalizatizatio is a market insight, CRM, and Brand Marketing Automation company. We help brands transform into digital-enabled brands with our digital marketing services. We have created a platform that enables marketers to be more productive and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. We take care of all aspects of marketing: strategy, execution, analytics and measurement.

  1. Market Insights
  2. Consumer Research
  3. Marketing Optimization
  4. Documentation Digitalisation
  5. Brand Marketing Automation
  6. CRM Integration

Organizational and Cultural

  1. Purpose & values
  2. Culture & employee engagement
  3. Talent & capabilities
  4. Organizational design
  5. Leadership & Coaching

Brand Experience

  1. Positioning
  2. Architecture and Portfolio
  3. Identity and Expression
  4. Names and Taglines
  5. Experience Mapping
  6. Brand Management
  7. Brand Guideline & Governance
  8. Brand Leadership Coaching


  1. Growth Strategy
  2. Customer Opportunity
  3. Concept Development
  4. Venture Planning
  5. Concept or A/B Testing
  6. Prototyping and Piloting


  1. Audit
  2. Creative Strategy
  3. Logos and Visual Systems
  4. Verbal/ Voice/ Scent/ Sound
  5. UI UX Interaction Design
  6. Information Design
  7. Packaging & Label Design
  8. Advertising Design
  9. Space & Environments

Marketing Communication

  1. Marketing Research & Testing
  2. Market Opportunity
  3. Segmentation
  4. Value Proposition
  5. Campaign Programming
  6. Go-to Market Strategy
  7. Marketing Effectiveness
  8. Data-Driven Marketing Analytics


It is a great privilege to know and be able to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Kwan and his very fine team. Mr. Kwan is an enthusiastic, energic, yet balanced and very well grounded professional. He not only knows what he is doing but truly master his passion in corporate building. He is an individual who will go the extra extra miles beyond what is normally expected and make sure the job gets done and done well. It is humbling, exciting, and overwhelming at times to be allowed to ride the high-energy high-velocity coaster with him, exploring the uncharted possibilities, yet knowing that everything is under control. That sense of calmness, security and trust is intoxicating yet assuring, and clearly sets Mr. Kwan ahead of the pack. Simply put, highly recommended!


President Director

PT. Gunung Subur Sejahtera.


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