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Creating the transformation capabilities to make an impact. Our transformation approach is strategically built to work with companies of all sizes. We offer four key areas of practice:

Our strategic


Great idea is not good enough without great execution.

Our company’s strategic expertises are what bridges the gap between great in idea and great in reality. It’s time to understand and build the capabilities to transform your company’s strategy make an impact in company, brand, commerce and product. 
We’re people oriented, insightful, strategic, creativity, data and technology driven to help you to solving complex challenges. With smart diagnostic tools and experienced global local resources, we can deploy ideas to reality to build enduring brands, and unlock the growth opportunities.


It is a great privilege to know and be able to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Kwan and his very fine team. Mr. Kwan is an enthusiastic, energic, yet balanced and very well grounded professional. He not only knows what he is doing but truly master his passion in corporate building. He is an individual who will go the extra extra miles beyond what is normally expected and make sure the job gets done and done well. It is humbling, exciting, and overwhelming at times to be allowed to ride the high-energy high-velocity coaster with him, exploring the uncharted possibilities, yet knowing that everything is under control. That sense of calmness, security and trust is intoxicating yet assuring, and clearly sets Mr. Kwan ahead of the pack. Simply put, highly recommended!


President Director

PT. Gunung Subur Sejahtera.


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