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Why Branding Strategies Matter in the Digital Age: Strategies from Bedrock Asia

Why Branding Strategy is More Important in the Digital Age: Strategies from Bedrock Asia. In this dynamic digital era, branding is not just a keyword, but a universal strategic need, applicable from MSMEs to international companies like Gojek. Is branding also important in your industry? Of course! Whether you are engaged in e-commerce at Tokopedia or retail at a supermarket, the strength of your brand is critical to business success.< /p>

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Digital Lifestyle is part of our daily living.

Bedrock Asia's View in Forming Branding Strategy in the Digital Era

At Bedrock Asia, we believe that a branding strategy in this digital era should allow customers to experience a seamless transition from physical to digital without missing a beat. It's a holistic approach that delivers on the brand's promise and goals from operations, to storefront, to visual merchandising, sales team, and marketing communications messages on social media to the delivery of the package to your door. This comprehensive approach ensures that every consumer touchpoint is an authentic and consistent expression of your brand. Although this article focuses on the digital aspect, these principles apply universally to every aspect of your business.

Branding Strategy is Important in the Digital Age

Why is Branding Strategy Important in the Digital Age?

In this digital era, branding strategy is becoming increasingly important. Why? Digitalization has changed the business landscape in various sectors. In cyberspace, you are not only competing at the local level, but also globally. You are dealing with thousands, even millions of other brands that are equally trying to attract the attention of consumers.

A Research from Google shows that 60% of consumers prefer to buy products from familiar brand in the online world. This could mean through advertising on popular social media platforms like Instagram or content that goes viral at TikTok. Therefore, having a strong branding strategy in the digital era is not an option, but a necessity.

How to Build a Strong and Consistent Brand Identity Strategy?

Your brand identity is the collection of all the experiences a customer or client receives when interacting with your business. This includes visual elements such as logos, colors and typography, as well as marketing communications on Facebook , Instagram, or Google Ads, and even customer service.

Build Trust Through Consistency

Consistency is the key to building trust. Nielsen found that 70% of consumers prefer to buy products from brands that they believe. Plus, consistency helps you stand out in a competitive and often changing environment.

Example Case: Apple

Apple is a classic example of a brand that manages to maintain consistency across various branding elements . From product design to marketing messages, everything is created to provide customers with a similar experience. This can be seen in how Apple products are integrated with each other, making it easier for customers to switch from one device to another without a hitch. It is a holistic approach focused on user experience, helping Apple maintain its position as the world's most valuable technology brand.

Two individuals displaying branding strategies in the digital age with the apple logo
Apple Store Experience is consistent offline and online

Distinguishing Yourself from the Competition

The ability to differentiate oneself from the competition is important in branding. Consistency in messaging and aesthetics will help you achieve this.

Case Example: Tesla

Tesla is another example of a company that has managed to differentiate itself in an industry that competitive. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Tesla has managed to stand out as a leader in electric vehicles. They leverage social media and online community to build and maintain a strong brand identity.

Maintaining and Customizing Identity

It is important to maintain your brand identity, but also to adapt and adapt it according to changes in the market or customer preferences.

Case Example: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has kept its brand essence consistent for more than a century, but also know when to innovate. For example, the launch of new products such as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar demonstrates the brand's ability to adapt to the needs of a more health-conscious consumer.

Building a strong and consistent brand identity is no easy task, but with the right approach and consistency, you can form positive perceptions and build long-term relationships with your customers.

Why is Branding Strategy in the Digital Age Important in Business in the Industrial and Service Sector?

Branding strategies are not only important in one or two industries, but span across diverse business sectors. Here are some examples from different industries:

1. Banking: One of the best examples is Blu by BCADigital. They differentiate themselves with their customer-centric approach and attractive UI.

2. Investment: SimInvest with V prominent and viral to the world by leveraging technology for easy and safe investment solutions.

3. Retail: Big companies like Matahari maintaining customer loyalty through effective branding on social media and e-commerce.

4. B2B: GE uses branding to standardize product offerings and their services.

5. FMCG: Unilever leverages branding to stand out and build customer loyalty.

6. Education: Institutions like University of Indonesia need a strategy strong branding.

7. Healthcare: Siloam Hospitals uses branding to reinforce trust in

8. Tourism: Tourist destinations like Bali make use of branding to promote

9. Technology: Tokopedia makes branding the key to its success in the industry e-commerce.

10. Media and Entertainment: Television networks such as NET and cinema Cinema XXI rely on strong branding. In collaboration with famous actors and actresses, Cinema XXI shows a greeting video to audiences in Indonesia before the film starts. This enhances the experience and reinforces their brand identity as more than just a place to watch movies; it is an 'experience'.

Effective branding is a critical element in almost every industry. It's not only about aesthetics but also about building long-term relationships with your customers and increasing your bottom line.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Do you want to enhance your brand on Tokopedia or redesign your retail brand identity? Bedrock Asia Brand Consultants are ready to help you create an effective and innovative branding strategy.

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Ready to take your brand to the next level? Contact Bedrock Asia Brand Consultants for your digital branding and marketing project.

With quality and strategic insight, this article helps you understand the importance of branding in the digital age. Don't miss the opportunity to increase your brand's visibility and reputation.


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