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XL Center Concept Prototype for XL Axiata

XL Center. 
Bedrock Asia's Impact: Revamping XL Center from Support to Experiential Center for Tech-Savvy Customers, Boosting Profits.



A growing and relatively young population with rising disposable income make Indonesia a highly attractive country for telecommunication services. XL Axiata, the 3rd largest Indonesia's carrier, were contemplating a radical new approach for growth and customer loyalty to the +50 million potential young indonesia's customers.


XL Center Logo
XL Xplor logo yang lama
Gerai XL Axiata lama di Puri Mal


We transformed outdated  5+ customer service outlets into a state-of-the-art Digital Experience Center prototype store in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, exciting immersive digital lifestyle experience. It's the first of its kind, we called it XL Xplor, explore endless possibilities. From an inspiring lifestyle staging store concept, people are engaged through impeccably designed moments of surprise and delight.

Offering three experience paths to learn, work, and play, the center invites guests into a greater understanding of XL Axiata's role in shaping Indonesia's digital mobile lifestyle.


Since the transformation launch in 2015, XL Axiata has steadily brought this strategy to life at every brand touch point. The comprehensive brand program extends from positioning, messaging and communications to research, brand identity, store messaging and retail interior design, and customer experience.

The company has gained 50% customers in the quarter following the announcement of its XL Xplor retail strategy, the largest customer growth in 3 years. Store transformations are still going and expand into +110 outlets across Indonesia.



XL Axiata Xplor brand identity, logo
Purple - Blue Gradient



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