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Leading in Times of Crisis

Together rebuilding Indonesia brands to thrive in post-pandemic era.


The old pre-COVID19 world has gone. 

The "New Normal" is a myth.

The future of Indonesia business enters the post-pandemic era.

Values and Behaviors


Consumers expect support from brands they love.

Consumers aren't

returning to stores

Rising Digital, ecommerce and Automation


Strategic Summary:

Businesses will need to make extreme changes to survive and prepare the road to recovery plan for post-pandemic era that can thrive and grow in the face of continuous turbulence and accelerate toward advancing indonesia.


We are helping clients to lead in times of crisis and to become more agile, more innovative and more connected to consumers than ever before.These are the steps to a healthy and sustainable business recovery.

3 scenarios to the road of recovery.


Re-evaluate company purpose or product or business plans to meet new needs and accelerate a strong recovery

  1. Re-evaluate Company Purpose and Value

  2. Re-assess Brand Purpose and Priority

  3. Review Brand Health Performance

  4. Review product/ service relevancy

  5. Review omni-channel Marketing

  6. Rassess opportunities

  7. Personalized Workshop: Trends and Insights in Post Pandemic.


Reinvent your business for long-term growth in the “new normal”


  1. Create a Strategic Brand Crisis Response

  2. Optimise Remote Working Experience

  3. Design New Digital Experience.  

  4. Create Contactless Retail Experience

  5. Design Responsive Brand Identity.

  6. Reinvent Brand Marketing Template from print, billboard, website, Social Media,  ecommerce, more.

  7. Accelerate Digital Marketing Capabilities.

  8. Personalized Workshop: Corporate Vision Alignment/ Mindset Transformation


Reconnect effectively to consumers and market.


  1. Internal Launch Coaching

  2. Equipping Brand Marketing Team

  3. Centralized Brand Marketing Launch

  4. Monitor Brand Marketing Performance

  5. Personalized Workshop:  Leading in times of crisis through  brand and marketing.

Special COVID Recovery for Startup and Small Businesses 

We want to offer as much support as we can while small businesses build and recover during this time. Please contact us to inquire about special discounts for a limited time.

How can we help you?

Each business and scenario is unique, so please fill out the form below and we’d be happy to have a conversation and help you determine your best solution for you.


For Indonesia, crafted by Indonesian 


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It is a great privilege to know and be able to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Kwan and his very fine team. Mr. Kwan is an enthusiastic, energic, yet balanced and very well grounded professional. He not only knows what he is doing but truly master his passion in corporate building. He is an individual who will go the extra extra miles beyond what is normally expected and make sure the job gets done and done well. It is humbling, exciting, and overwhelming at times to be allowed to ride the high-energy high-velocity coaster with him, exploring the uncharted possibilities, yet knowing that everything is under control. That sense of calmness, security and trust is intoxicating yet assuring, and clearly sets Mr. Kwan ahead of the pack. Simply put, highly recommended!


President Director

PT. Gunung Subur Sejahtera.


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